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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Spirit Lake Spotlight!

Board of Education

Mission Statement: 
All Students will learn and become responsible citizens.

Teresa Beck  (President)          2015-2019
Scott Trautman   (VP)               2017-2021
Keith Brockmeyer (Director)     2015-2019
Sonja Hamm (Director)   2015-2019
Kerri McKim (Director)              2017-2021

Role of School Board Members

VISION: The school board engages the community in setting the course to guide local education, keeping student achievement as the primary focus.

STRUCTURE: The school board employs a superintendent, adopts policies and plans, and ensures that human and financial resources are allocated to accomplish the vision.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The board monitors student achievement, evaluates progress toward district goals, and reports progress to the community.

ADVOCACY: The school board serves as the key advocate on behalf of students and public education and builds partnerships with others to support student learning.

TIME DONATED TO PUBLIC EDUCATION: Iowa school board members are volunteer elected officials who donate their time to school board service. Each week, Iowa school board members donate their personal time in service to Iowa students.


The Spirit Lake Board of Education will support educational practices aligned with the organization’s culture playbook. The Board will encourage relationships, value integrity, and embrace growth throughout the organization.  In all aspects of teaching and learning, the Board will work with a focus to equip lifelong learners who are prepared to achieve future personal success.  


The Board of Education will regularly and carefully assess facility needs, and modify the district’s long term facility plan as appropriate. They will monitor the district’s financial capacity for construction and remodeling based on Local Option and PPEL dollars available.

The Board of Education will regularly monitor the 5 Financial Measurement Tools to ensure the district is fiscally responsible and financially solvent. The Board will continually seek to anticipate and plan for future legal and legislative changes that may financially impact the district.

Professional Development
The Board of Education will model lifelong learning, endeavoring to continually learn about trends in education and the future of 21st Century learning. The Board of Education will rigorously advocate for our local district via the appropriate legislative avenues, and seek policies which allow the organization to accomplish its goals.

The Board of Education will encourage open, honest communication at all internal levels of the organization, and externally between the District and its stakeholders.  


2014-2015 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes
2015-2016 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes
2016-2017 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes
2017-2018 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes
2018-2019 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes


School Calendar 2018-2019


Board Policies
Iowa Association of School Boards
National Association of School Boards