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Monday, November 12, 2018
Spirit Lake Spotlight!

Kindergarten Round-Up Information

Spirit Lake Elementary

Kindergarten Round-Up

February 27 and March 2, 2018

Spirit Lake Elementary Kindergarten Round-Up has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 27, and Friday, March 2.  All parents of children who will be 5 by September 15, 2018 should plan to attend Kindergarten Round-Up.  Round-Up plays an important role in the transition into Kindergarten or TK for all children and provides an opportunity to to see the classrooms and meet the teachers.  Parents have the chance to meet the teachers and see the classrooms without the kids on the 27th and students are able to experience the classroom for a half day on the 2nd.   

There is an informational meeting on Tuesday, February 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the Elementary Gymnasium.  All registration materials are available in the document list to the right.  If you are able, please print and complete these forms and bring them with you on the 27th.  Before heading to the gymnasium, please stop by the registration table located in the foyer.   Paper copies of the registration materials will be available for those families who need them.  In addition, please bring a copy of your child's birth certificate with you to the meeting.  You may contact the Elementary Office with questions at 336-2822, extension 4010.

In addition, information will be given about the free exam dates in April. All children entering Kindergarten must have a physical exam, dental exam, eye exam, and meet the Iowa immunization requirements for elementary school.  Several of the exams are provided as a service by the area doctors free of charge or at a reduced rate on the scheduled day.  

Kindergarten Orientation Day will be held Friday, March 2 at which time students will be given assessments and go through a typical Kindergarten day experience.  Students will be assigned to either the morning or afternoon session.  This time will be shared at the parent's meeting. 

Parents or guardians considering the "Open Enrollment" option to enroll their Kindergartener at Spirit Lake Elementary are also invited to attend Round-Up. The deadline for filing for open enrollment status for Kindergarten students is September 1, 2018.  Applications for Open Enrollment are available in the documents listed to the right. Parents/ guardians of open enrolled students who meet economic eligibility requirements may qualify for a stipend for transportation.  Income Verification must be provided.  Questions regarding Open Enrollment should be directed to our Superintendent's Office @ 336-2820.

*REMINDER* On the first 2 days of the 2018-19 school year, the students will be split.  Half will attend Monday and the other half will attend Tuesday.  The first day of regular classes will be on the 3rd day of school.  You will be given a slip in your folder on Registration Day informing you which day you have been assigned.  If you have attended Round-up, you still need to attend Registration in August for additional forms and fees.


01 TK and KG Registration Instructions and Checklist
02 TK-KG Registration Form
03 Home Language Survey
04 Parents Information Guide to TK- KG Teacher
05 Immunization Certificate/Requirements
06 KG Medical Physical Record Form
07 Blood Lead Testing Information
08 Dental Screening Form
09 Vision Screening Card
10 Confidential Health Information Form
11 Authorization_Permission for Medication Administration
12 Transportation Request Form
13 2018-19 Open Enrollment Application
14 2017 Y-Kids Application
15 2018-19 Open Enrollment Directions
16 TK Health Exam Form
17 TK Parent Emergency Contact Form