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Saturday, August 17, 2019
Spirit Lake Spotlight!

Contact Us

District Office 712-336-2820 712-336-4641 (fax)    
2701 Hill Avenue
Spirit Lake, IA  51360

Dr. David Smith, Ext. 3020

Superintendent Assistant/HR Director:
Donna Sebert, Ext. 3020

Director of Learning & Development:
Nancy Kriener, Ext. 3080

Director of Business & Finance:
Karen Oleson, Ext. 3010

Director of Operations:   
David Dau, Ext. 3500

Technology Coordinator:   
Ryan Friederich, Ext. 1300

Business Office Manager:
Ashley Weber, Ext. 3060

Rachel Fisher, Ext. 1030

High School     712-336-3707        712-336-4641 (fax)
2701 Hill Avenue
Spirit Lake, IA  51360

Casey O'Rourke Ext. 1000

Office Manager:
Jane Loveall, Ext. 1670

Middle School    712-336-1370
712-336-4758 (fax)
2701 Hill Ave.
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Terry Bruinsma, Ext. 2000

Office Manager:

Jill Petersen, Ext. 2010

Elementary School    712-336-2822    712-336-8966 (fax)
2701 Hill Avenue
Spirit Lake, IA  51360

Kasey Huebner, Ext. 4000

Office Manager:
Dena Blomster, Ext. 4010


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